Past members of Intense Gravity..........................I need your help!!

Please take a look at the site; If you see any thing that needs to be changed or have additional information; e-mail me with that information. Include that persons name, former chapter, year and make of their vehicle.

I didn't know many of the past members from the out of state chapters, so it may take some time for me to get all of the information lined out. Please feel free to e-mail or post any comments or suggestions you may have about this page, or the web-site. I would incourage all former members to take a look at the site, I've tried to save as much info. as I could, to help show the history of the club, also to perserve Adam's memory. Once you have looked at the site, please pass this information on toany former member that you might still talk to.

Thank you,
Billy Taylor

God Bless America

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